Internet Lightspeed: Revolutionizing the Digital Internet Experience Since 1994

Discover why we’re Western Canada’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering lightning-fast internet solutions that transcend the ordinary. Experience unparalleled speed, reliability, and customer satisfaction since 1994.

In a market dominated by industry giants, Internet Lightspeed stands tall as the compelling alternative. With cutting-edge infrastructure, we propel your online activities at Lightspeed, surpassing competitors like Teksavvy, Carytel, and even Shaw, Rogers and Telus.

Why choose Internet Lightspeed?

  • Unmatched Speed
  • Reliable Connections
  • Western Canada’s Choice
  • Customer-Centric Approach

Stream, game, work, or browse with ease. Join the growing community relying on Internet Lightspeed for seamless digital living. Choose us for a future-proof internet experience. Accelerate your digital journey with Internet Lightspeed!

Fast Internet the way you want.


Unlimited data packages are available for Cable or ADSL service to your home or business. Get the 24/7 access you need.



We save you money with “Great Rates” and no big price increases. Just ask our Sales Team for complete details.

Lightspeed WON’T tie you down


We provide award winning service & technical support. Service this good you will never go elsewhere to get your Internet.

We have over 1000, 5 Star Google Reviews, here are a few

  • Great value and very useful technical support. Very happy with this service.

    Robin Hastings Avatar Robin Hastings

    I have been using Internet Lightspeed for several years now. I have always been very satisfied with the service. Tonight I had to call tech support for the first time,... read more

    Ryan Henning Avatar Ryan Henning

    I finally switched from Shaw to Lightspeed five years ago. They've been nothing short of excellent. Their prices never go up, their plans include unlimited data, their speeds are ~10%... read more

    Steve Currie Avatar Steve Currie

    Best Pricing, Best Customer Service (in any industry!), best coverage. I would highly recommend Lightspeed they are great to deal with, efficient and someone ALWAYS answers the phone, no... read more

    Bo Jurcevic Avatar Bo Jurcevic
  • Super service with good pricing.

    Jack Fisher Avatar Jack Fisher

    Customer support has always been great every time I called them.

    Ross MacGregor Avatar Ross MacGregor

    After being a Shaw customer for 28 years I changed to lightspeed for my internet and phone service. This was a very smart thing to do Lightspeed is a pleasure... read more

    Lee Robertshaw Avatar Lee Robertshaw

    Great service and one of the best rates in BC for wifi.

    Tazmin Shariff Avatar Tazmin Shariff
  • Have been with them for about 5 years now. They have been the best internet company I have ever used, they have the best customer service.

    Ashcat Marmac Avatar Ashcat Marmac

    Very Professional Company

    Aderson May Avatar Aderson May

    Staff works efficiently and awesome 👍

    Thess Jolicoeur Avatar Thess Jolicoeur

    I have been with them for 6 years and only had two or three times with the internet down. Amazing service every time I called them to have the problem... read more

    shuswap Avatar shuswap
  • No complain about the steadiness of the internet speed

    Terry Lee Avatar Terry Lee

    Great internet service at a great price, and local customer support which provides excellent service.

    Aefa Efafe Avatar Aefa Efafe

    Very professional service was fast and painless,

    Darren Hobbs Avatar Darren Hobbs

    As a technically deprived senior citizen, when something goes wrong with my WiFi or phone, I tend to panic. Whenever I phone their tech support, I get my problems... read more

    Neil McCulloch Avatar Neil McCulloch
  • Switched to these guys and never looked back. Flatrates with no hidden fees, and generally no contracts. Plus if you need help or have questions, you can call them and... read more

    Eagle Junior Avatar Eagle Junior

    Lightspeed is a great and affordable alternative to the high price of the giant services that is so expensive. Under 50.00 a month for excellent service and quality. Thank... read more

    Ellie Starr Avatar Ellie Starr

    Much better price for the same internet telus provides (VDSL/ADSL). Had no real outages, more reliable than Shaw/Teksavvy so far.

    Andrew Wright Avatar Andrew Wright

    I love Lightspeed. We've been with them for 7 years and don't have a single complaint. Service is reliable and affordable. They never call me to harass me to spend... read more

    Andrea Paterson Avatar Andrea Paterson
  • Excellent internet company. Fantastic service, from sales, to service, to the technicians. So glad I left my "brand name internet provider". Highly recommend.

    VKC Avatar VKC

    Great price on great internet.

    John Hoye Avatar John Hoye

    Good ISP, impeccable customer service. Very well versed billing department and a internet signal that doesn't stop

    Mikhail lenzen Avatar Mikhail lenzen

    Thanks for the good service for years!

    Ted Luu Avatar Ted Luu
  • Excellent, consistent service from all departments & at a reasonable price point.

    Viva 4 Viv Avatar Viva 4 Viv

    Great services for reasonable cost. Thanks Lightspeed!!

    Howlsong Bloodrain Avatar Howlsong Bloodrain

    If you are tired of waiting for hours when contacting your Internet Service Provider when your service is down why not try Internet Lightspeed. This company is located in Burnaby... read more

    Les Frost Avatar Les Frost

    Been with them for a year now I've upgraded my mbps 2 times now free of charge. Only had to reset the modem a couple times in that year service... read more

    Nathan Duval Avatar Nathan Duval
  • The most helpful and customer oriented internet services. I wish more people in Alberta would find the Lightspeed company. Great rates and always easy to get through with questions.

    Alena Valova99 Avatar Alena Valova99

    Lightspeed internet is high quality in Calgary, AB. Best price for the low-to-mid tiers they offer, and it's good to support non-monopolistic businesses as much as possible. Their tech support... read more

    Parker Link Avatar Parker Link

    Worth it! I should mention customer is service is provided by a real human and not some bot, and that service is outstanding.

    Johanna S. Legge Avatar Johanna S. Legge

    Helpful customer service.Transferring address was easy.they explained it clearly.There was no downtime during the transfer of address as internet access is essential for my work.

    Seb H Usi Avatar Seb H Usi
  • Reasonable internet services and work great.excellent customer service as well.would highly recommend

    Janice Wilson Avatar Janice Wilson

    Great service, easy set up and service and billing inquiries always handled professionally.

    dann soloman Avatar dann soloman

    Easy to deal with, efficient service, unbeatable prices!

    Lisa Kung Avatar Lisa Kung

    I've been with Internet Lightspeed for a year and a half and couldn't be happier. I've never had a problem with the service and when I've had questions, they get... read more

    Sherri Avatar Sherri
  • LightSpeed has excellent staff from sales, to customer service to Tech support. The follow up service is so strong. They listen to you, they do their work perfectly and contact... read more

    Raymond Hindeleh Avatar Raymond Hindeleh

    Dependable, affordable unlimited internet without the needless, seldom-used bells and whistles of the big name providers. Been with them for four years. One major interruption when a cross-country fibre optic... read more

    Bradley B Avatar Bradley B

    Thanks to Internet Lightspeed, I have received excellent internet coverage and saved loads of money over the course of several years . The only time I called for technical assistance,... read more

    J Templeton Avatar J Templeton

    I've been using Internet Lightspeed for many years now. I have had very few issues, and they are generally solved very efficiently. technical support has always been helpful and friendly.... read more

    JamesElise Ens Avatar JamesElise Ens