Better than both Shaw Cable and Telus for price and quality of service. That’s right, move aside TekSavvy, Comwave, CIK, Novus Clicktel, Distributel, etc. Internet Lightspeed has the fastest high quality Internet in Western Canada, regardless if you prefer Fibre Optic,  cable Internet, or telephone (ADSL / VDSL) we have you covered.
… ask us how we can save you money and give you a better service and experience.

Internet Lightspeed, providing home & business Internet Services for over a quarter century.

Since 1994 we have been serving all of Alberta and BC by providing businesses and residential Internet services. Starting with webhosting and 56k dial up services in the Greater Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford and Oakanagan-Kelowna and expanding into Highspeed Internet ADSL – DSL connections then fast Cable Internet and now with Fibre Optic Internet service.

Always offering British Columbia and Alberta more we introduced Naked Highspeed ADSL Internet to all areas in Western Canada including, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Richmond, Prince George, Vernon, Kamloops, Maple Ridge, Mission, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Surrounding Areas with ADSL Dslam access in an approximately 3000 Central Offices in British Columbia and Alberta.

Internet Lightspeed also offers our own VoIP Digital Phone Service, Dolphin Tel.

Internet Lightspeed provides value and saves money for our clients constantly upgrading our facilities to providing the most stable worry free Internet services for which people can connect with each other without the hustle of slow connectivity.

Using high speed internet, we can connect with our love ones faster without having the problem of high cost internet. Get the speed and reliability to game, stream, download, and do all the connected activities that are part of the landscape of daily digital life for less.

If you have any question or inquiries, you can contact our support team or send us an email located on our contact us page.

Fast Internet the way you want.


Unlimited data packages are available for Cable or ADSL service to your home or business. Get the 24/7 access you need.



We save you money with “Great Rates” and no big price increases. Just ask our Sales Team for complete details.

Lightspeed WON’T tie you down


We provide award winning service & technical support. Service this good you will never go elsewhere to get your Internet.

We have over 1000, 5 Star Google Reviews, here are a few

  • Their pricing was half what I had been paying, for twice the speed, 100% up time, and tech support that knows what they're doing. Exactly what you want from an... read more

    Drew Parker Avatar Drew Parker

    We have used Lightspeed for 8 years. We use the slightly more than basic package and run our VOIP phone and multiple devices at a time (at least 6) with... read more

    Notmir Hill Avatar Notmir Hill

    Very cool

    Alex Grobov Avatar Alex Grobov

    Great service, great price.

    Sebastien S Avatar Sebastien S
  • Switched to these guys and never looked back. Flatrates with no hidden fees, and generally no contracts. Plus if you need help or have questions, you can call them and... read more

    Eagle Junior Avatar Eagle Junior

    Worth it! I should mention customer is service is provided by a real human and not some bot, and that service is outstanding.

    Johanna S. Legge Avatar Johanna S. Legge

    An amazing company! Very responsive to IT problems and overall a good price for the service

    Dan McDonald Avatar Dan McDonald

    I have been with this company for many years (not sure exactly how long but I do believe it to be at least 5 years). The service they provided... read more

    Stan Lo Avatar Stan Lo
  • The most helpful and customer oriented internet services. I wish more people in Alberta would find the Lightspeed company. Great rates and always easy to get through with questions.

    Alena Valova99 Avatar Alena Valova99

    So easy to work with. No surprises.

    Andrew Meggait Avatar Andrew Meggait

    Excellent, consistent service from all departments & at a reasonable price point.

    Viva 4 Viv Avatar Viva 4 Viv

    Amazing price and only had positive experience! 100% recommended!!

    Leah Shapiro Avatar Leah Shapiro
  • Lightspeed agent picked up fast and was very efficient.

    Glen Avatar Glen

    Reasonable internet services and work great.excellent customer service as well.would highly recommend

    Janice Wilson Avatar Janice Wilson

    I moved from Shaw to Lightspeed 1 year ago and never regret with my decision. On Shaw 300Mbps I paid $100+ monthly (2 years contract), and with Lightspeed i... read more

    David Victor Avatar David Victor

    Have been with them for about 5 years now. They have been the best internet company I have ever used, they have the best customer service.

    Ashcat Marmac Avatar Ashcat Marmac
  • Been with them for a year now I've upgraded my mbps 2 times now free of charge. Only had to reset the modem a couple times in that year service... read more

    Nathan Duval Avatar Nathan Duval

    I have used Lightspeed for both landline and internet for many years maybe over 20 years. I first used them when only dialup was available for internet. I tried both... read more

    Ken Burgar Avatar Ken Burgar

    Well priced, network quality is good. Supportive team

    Salman Masood Avatar Salman Masood

    After being a Shaw customer for 28 years I changed to lightspeed for my internet and phone service. This was a very smart thing to do Lightspeed is a pleasure... read more

    Lee Robertshaw Avatar Lee Robertshaw
  • This company processed my new service without delay .I had a small billing issue which was resolved upon calling their accounts department. Self installation worked correctly

    Terry Moorby Avatar Terry Moorby

    As a technically deprived senior citizen, when something goes wrong with my WiFi or phone, I tend to panic. Whenever I phone their tech support, I get my problems... read more

    Neil McCulloch Avatar Neil McCulloch

    I've been using Internet Lightspeed for many years now. I have had very few issues, and they are generally solved very efficiently. technical support has always been helpful and friendly.... read more

    JamesElise Ens Avatar JamesElise Ens

    Way more affordable than the other options out there. No issues really, sometime connection is weak on my phone but that was the case with Shaw previously. Decent... read more

    Xavier Sandoval Avatar Xavier Sandoval
  • Living everything about the service they offer

    Amir Tangestani Avatar Amir Tangestani

    I love Lightspeed. We've been with them for 7 years and don't have a single complaint. Service is reliable and affordable. They never call me to harass me to spend... read more

    Andrea Paterson Avatar Andrea Paterson

    It's cheaper than pretty much anything else and the tech support is friendly, patient and helpful.

    Robert Humber Avatar Robert Humber

    Lightspeed has been been brilliant! We installed it about six months ago, they're only $48 a month for a great wifi package and the quality has been so much better... read more

    Mickey Yaskow Avatar Mickey Yaskow
  • The technicians here provide excellent customer service. They will try and resolve your problem as quickly as possible. I am one satisfied customer!

    Gord Myrdal Avatar Gord Myrdal

    If you are tired of waiting for hours when contacting your Internet Service Provider when your service is down why not try Internet Lightspeed. This company is located in Burnaby... read more

    Les Frost Avatar Les Frost

    I have been using Internet Lightspeed for several years now. I have always been very satisfied with the service. Tonight I had to call tech support for the first time,... read more

    Ryan Henning Avatar Ryan Henning

    Thanks to Internet Lightspeed, I have received excellent internet coverage and saved loads of money over the course of several years . The only time I called for technical assistance,... read more

    J Templeton Avatar J Templeton
  • No complain about the steadiness of the internet speed

    Terry Lee Avatar Terry Lee

    These guys are great. The bigger tele-com, charge twice as much, and put you on hold for hours when you need assistance. I don't think i've ever spent more than... read more

    Akinna Kronemeyer Avatar Akinna Kronemeyer

    Great internet Price and a very responsive customer service and billing Dept. I'd definately give them a try. They take a little bit to get set up at first. But... read more

    Patrick Lachance Avatar Patrick Lachance

    nice people, i asked questions that required research and my questions were answered quickly, politely and fully. thank you.

    willow macdonald Avatar willow macdonald
  • Great customer service and reliable tech support. Great for people with standard needs for an internet connection such as home office, streaming, and regular downloads. Great value overall.

    Alvaro Flores Avatar Alvaro Flores

    Easy to deal with, efficient service, unbeatable prices!

    Lisa Kung Avatar Lisa Kung

    Excellent customer service, unlike other internet providers.

    ML Kayra Avatar ML Kayra

    Great price on great internet.

    John Hoye Avatar John Hoye