Full WiFi coverage is no longer a dream with Vilo you can experience it now !!

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WiFi Coverage

Internet Lightspeed & Vilo
the perfect pair

get up to eight Vilos for complete coverage in an advanced WiFi mesh

With an inexpensive price per unit the true nature and excellence of the Vilo mesh networking becomes obvious. Filling every room of your home with full WiFi coverage is easy as you place, adjust and activate your mesh network through the free Vilo app. 

Proven Mesh Technology

Using the standard WiFi 5 technology keeps cost down & reliability up

… and Vilo just simply works!

Add Vilos When Needed

Using the app you can see where to add another Vilo, and if it is needed.

… 100% WiFi coverage provided

Set-up & Manage via App

Download, install, open and just follow the prompts. Vilo makes it so simple

… easy from the very start

Direct Custom Support

Device level support for your Vilo, if you ever need it, is just a phone call away

.. from an award winning team

Monthly Rent per Vilo

$ 0 .00

Purchase a Single Vilo

$ 0

Purchase Three Vilos

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Lightspeed & Vilo

Find out what Vilo & Lightspeed can do for you today !