Approved Cable Modems

Bring your own modem and save money by not having to purchase or rent one. The list below is the approved cable modems for the Internet Lightspeed network.

(Please contact Technical Support for confirmation that your modem is compatible)

Maximum 15 Mbps downloads

  • Cisco DPQ 2160
  • Motorola SB 6120


Maximum 75 Mbps downloads

  • Arris SB 6141
  • Hitron Technologies CDA-RES
  • Hitron Technologies CGN-CWV
  • Huawei MT130U
  • Motorola SB 6141
  • SmartRG sr804N
  • Technicolor TNTC4300
  • Thomson DCM475


Maximum 150 Mbps downloads

  • Hitron Technologies CGNM-3550


Maximum 300 Mbps downloads

  • Cisco DPC3848V
  • Hitron Technologies CDA3-20
  • SmartRG SR808AC
  • Technicolor DPC3848V
  • Technicolor TC4350


Maximum 600 Mbps downloads

  • Motorola MB 8600
  • Technicolor TC4400


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