Personal 25 ADSL SERVICE


Your price will not change after 3 months!!

Regular Price without a commitment is $44.95 per month.

Downloads up to 25 Mbps / Uploads to 3 Mbps

Lightspeed FTTN/VDSL connects your home to the Internet through a fast broadband, direct connection through the standard telephone line in your home.


Fiber To The Node (FTTN) is the latest innovation in providing faster Internet Services by bringing peak speeds closer to your location. Fiber To The Node helps to provide broadband connection and other data services through a common network box or node. Your service then connects via traditional telephone cabling for a much shorter distance.



60 seconds


2.5 minutes


9 minutes


Netflix (Minumum)
SD Quality Only

Is there an activation fee for DSL service?

All Lightspeed DSL Internet Plans require a $49.95 (one time) activation fee. This covers the cost of getting your service installed and activated. This fee will be charged on your initial invoice and must be prepaid prior to your service being initiated.


What if I need wiring to have DSL service?

We call this “onsite wiring” and the current fee is $100. This too is a one time fee that is applied on all multi-unit dwellings, like apartments, condominiums, etc. as well as on a “when needed” basis. This fee, and if it is applicable to your situation, will be discussed with you by Lightspeed’s staff when they contact you to verify your order.


Do you charge to change plans/speeds?

Currently Lightspeed does have a fee for every time you change your package or speed. Our sales staff are experts in assisting clients select a plan that would work best for you. We do allow you one free speed or package change per account or customer.


Are there any conditions for this Hot Special?

While we do not have contracts at Internet Lightspeed, customers who sign-up for our Hot Special agree to a 3 month commitment to receive the monthly Hot Special pricing.


If I do not complete the 3 month commitment are there any penalties or fees?

We will be charging a $29.95 (plus applicable taxes) one time fee for not completing your 3 month minimum continuous commitment with us.


Will my price increases after one year?

Our service rates are based on the CRTC mandated tariffs and volume discounts, which we pass on to customers. It is not our intention to increase your monthly rates. The price you pay today is the price you would pay in 5, 10 or 20 years. Like many of our long-term customers unless regulated to make a rate change, your monthly bill stays the same.


When will this sale end?

This is a “Hot Special” and like the name says it can end at anytime without notice. Prices and conditions are also subject to change, due to market conditions. The prices therefore might increase or decrease without warning.



Dry Loop (Naked ADSL) What is it?

A dry loop, also called many other things like a local loop, dry copper, we call it Naked ADSL. It is a telephone landline without an active telephone service. So the line has all the functionality needed to provide DSL service and a telephone is not required. The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Committee (CRTC) decided that Canadians should have the ability to order one service without being forced to order another.


Is there any extra cost for Naked ADSL?

Yes there is but we don’t get to keep any of it. It’s a local tariff mandated by the CRTC and it’s based on your location. The additional costs for Dry Loop / Naked ADSL are listed below and will be confirmed by Lightspeed staff before your order is finalized.


Naked ADSL Additional Fees

Product Price
Rate Band A $6.95 / month
Rate Band B $11.95 / month
Rate Band C $12.95 / month
Rate Band D $11.95 / month
Rate Band E $25.95 / month
Rate Band F $20.95 / month
Rate Band G $26.95 / month
One Time Dry Loop Activation Fee $39.95


Have more questions?

Well now that you have the basics around Naked ADSL, you can quickly see why it’s such a great thing. If you would like more information about any of our products, remember, our spectacular sales team are always ready to talk to you, just give us a call.


Internet Lightspeed sells select modems chosen to provide you with years of excellent connectivity and superior levels of service. To view all the modems available for purchase click on the link below.


Available ADSL Modems

You want to use your own modem?

Generally any standard VDSL modem is compatible with Internet Lightspeed’s ADSL services and plans, with only a few exceptions.


The exception to the rule?

Since Internet Lightspeed services are carried across our own network and backbone, Telus branded modems will not work with our services or plans. This is due to the fact that those modems are specifically for use by Telus


Still have questions?

If you have questions in regard to the modem you own and if it will work with our ADSL services please contact us and we would be glad to assist you.



You require unlimited bandwith?

With any Internet Lightspeed ADSL monthly service plan you can add unlimited bandwidth for just an additional cost of $5.00 per month. Like an all you can eat buffet of your Internet favorites.


Download speeds, times and example given are indicative of ideal conditions and theoretical maximums. Individual results will vary based on many factors unique to your individual service, connection, equipment and environmental conditions. Speeds are listed for a physical connection between a single computing device and the modem via a traditional ethernet cable. Wifi speeds are affected by many factors including but not limited to, the router, WiFi band (frequency), distance between computing device and router, radio interference (microwave, cellphones,remote control devices, wireless appliances etc.), and other factors.

All pricing indicated on this website does not include any applicable fees, tariffs, or taxes.