Phone Basic Star Codes

Please find below the star codes that are supported by Dolphin Global Tel / Lightspeed.

Universal Star Codes:

Call Blocking
This feature blocks the last inbound call.

  • Activate – *60
  • Deactivate – *80

Accept Caller
This feature accepts the last outbound call. It lets the call ring through when the Do Not Disturb or Call Forwarding (Always) features are enabled.

  • Activate – *64
  • Deactivate – *84

Call Waiting
This feature enables call waiting on all calls.

  • Activate – *56
  • Deactivate – *57

Caller ID Blocking
This feature removes caller ID blocking on all outbound calls.

  • Activate – *68
  • Deactivate – *81

Do Not Disturb
This feature enables the do not disturb feature, forwarding all calls to voicemail, or a busy signal.

  • Activate *78
  • Deactivate – *79

Call Return
This feature calls the last caller.

  • Activate – *69

Call Back
This feature starts a callback when the last outbound call is busy.

  • Activate – *66
  • Deactivate – *86

To get a list of other star codes that may be supported by your hardware, please download the manual for your specific device from the manufacturer’s website.

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