Internet Lightspeed 10/10 Referral Program


Who qualifies for the Internet Lightspeed Referral Program?

To qualify to refer friends, family and more as part of Internet Lightspeed’s Referral Program you must be an existing Internet Lightspeed Customer with an active Internet Service Plan (VDSL or Cable) account in good standing. The person you refer must be establishing a new account as an Internet Lightspeed Customer, which is defined as not having an active Internet Lightspeed account previously. You will get $10 and they will receive $10 as part of the program.


How do I register for the Internet Lightspeed Referral Program?

Every customer is automatically enrolled in the Internet Lightspeed Referral Program. You just need to supply your account number to your friends, family, business associates, etc. When they apply for their service they can enter your account number in the appropriate space in the order form. If they apply for one of Internet Lightspeed’s great Internet plans via the telephone, or in person, they just need to supply your Internet Lightspeed account number to the Internet Lightspeed CSR that is processing their order.


The person I was referring forgot to include my information as the referrer at sign up, how can I get the credit?

Participation in the Internet Lightspeed Referral Program is an automated process and can only be initiated at the time your referee establishes their Internet Lightspeed Internet service plan and becomes a customer. We do not retroactively attribute active Internet Lightspeed customers to as part of the Internet Lightspeed Referral Program.


How do I collect my Internet Lightspeed 10/10 Referral Program payouts?

Once your referral has been verified, with an account in good standing, which takes approximately 90 days, you will be automatically credited. Internet Lightspeed will authorize a credit of $10 for each of your qualifying referrals on your next monthly invoice. The person your refereed will receive a credit as well the same month. If the total of your monthly Internet Lightspeed 10/10 Referral Program credit should result in a positive account balance it will be carried forward to the next monthly invoice.


What is the maximum amount of credits I can receive?

You can earn up to $500 per year in credits, starting at the date you were issued your first credit.


What Internet services from Internet Lightspeed qualify for the program?

In the case of either the referrer, or the referee, they program only applies to Internet Service plans. This includes Internet Service plans established with promotional pricing levels as well.


What if I am not currently an Internet Lightspeed customer, am I eligible to still participate in the program?

To qualify to receive a credit you need to have an active Internet Service Pan with Internet Lightspeed.


What happens to my program membership if I cancel my Internet service plan?

Only current Internet Lightspeed customers with a qualifying Internet Service Plan can participate in the Internet Lightspeed Referral Program as a referrer. If you cancel your service, your right to earn credits towards your Internet service will be forfeited.


How long will the Internet Lightspeed Referral Program be offered?

Internet Lightspeed has been offering their customers the opportunity to earn credits for their services for decades. However as with any promotional program, we reserve the right to change, cancel, or limit the Internet Lightspeed Referral Program at any time, without notice.


What if my question is not answered here?

Please contact the Internet Lightspeed Sales Team and they would be happy to explain in detail the benefits of earning credits with the Internet Lightspeed Referral Program.


Program Last Updated – June 10th, 2019

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