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Fix Connectivity Problems (The 30-30-30 Procedure)

Some cable modems that Lightspeed uses on our network have a reset switch. This is a small recessed button on the back or bottom of the modem. This button allows you to remove the current settings of the modem and restore it to the default factory settings. Is this safe to do? Cable modems can be rebooted or reset thousands of times before this procedure could ever become an issue.

If the modem does not have a reset button, please disconnect all cables from the modem. This includes the Coaxial cable, the Ethernet cable, and the power cable. Please leave all cables disconnected  for at least 5 Minutes. Reconnect the cables in this order:

  1. Ethernet
  2. Coaxial
  3. Power

This is the one thing that can clear up a multitude of simple connection problems and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

While not as simple as just power cycling the modem, or pressing a modem’s reset button for just a second or two, the step-by-step instructions below will help you complete what people in our industry call a 30-30-30.

This so-called 30-30-30 hard reset procedure will fully reset any of our Lightspeed Cable Modem’s to its factory default settings. This will result in clearing out all passwords and custom settings, and solve most connection problems.

How to Perform a 30-30-30 Modem Reset

Follow these two simple steps to do a hard reset on your modem:

  1. When modem is powered on, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
  2. While still holding the reset button pressed, unplug the power of the modem and hold the reset button for another 30 seconds.
  3. While still holding the reset button down, plug the power back into the modem and hold the reset button for another 30 seconds.

After this 90 second process is complete, your modem should be restored to its factory defaults.

Following the power cycling, resetting, and 30-30-30 reset is recommended as a general guideline and first steps to resolving most Cable Internet connectivity problems.

Choosing to do this 30-30-30 process might seem obvious, after you have done it once, still many people don’t think of it as a way to deal with home networking problems.

If you complete this 30-30-30 procedure and are still having connectivity issues with your Lightspeed Cable Internet Service please contact our Technical Support Team for assistance.

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