What is Dolphin Tel’s 911 Service?

Like any other telephone service we include 911 services with all our Dolphin Tel residential and business packages. Using the service is as simple as picking up your handset and dialing 9-1-1 after you hear the dial tone.

Our 911 services are very similar to what cell phones use as both cell phones and Dolphin Tel adapters are mobile. When you dial 911 you will be connected to a PSAP (Public Service Access Provider). They will ask which service you require – Fire, Police or Ambulance. Then they will ask you to clarify or provide them with your current location such as house number, street address, city etc. They do this because you could be calling from anywhere you have access to a highspeed Internet connection and may not be at your primary location.

Once you have provided the information the PSAP will connect and dispatch the emergency services you require.

Is Dolphin Tel 911 a standard service?

The Dolphin Tel 911 service is a mobile 911 service solution. So if you take your Dolphin Tel adapter with you on vacation anywhere in Canada or the continental United States, you will have 911 services. This is quite different than home phones which only work where they are bolted down. With the Dolphin Tel 911 emergency service you have coverage beyond what you would normally get with a land-based traditional phone service.

This mobile 911 service is a distinct advantage over land-based telephones because the 911 emergency service is available anywhere in Canada and the continental United States. In the future that may change to include other locations throughout the world. Also Dolphin Tel phone services are an Internet based VOIP service and is subject to the normal issues associated with the Internet such as power outages, connectivity concerns and such.

How can I help to ensure access to 911?

There are two simple things you can do to improve your access to the Dolphin Tel 911 services.

The first is to always make sure that your current physical location is on file with Dolphin Tel. Since VoIP services are mobile by nature your physical location can differ from your billing address. By logging into the Dolphin Account Manager and updating any changes to your physical address, you are assisting the PSAP with accurate and vital location information before it is required. This is important. In the event that you dial 911 and are unable to communicate with the PSAP verbally, they will dispatch emergency services to the physical location you have on file with Dolphin Tel. Remember that changes for your physical address can take up to 48 hours to become effective, so plan in advance.

Another thing that will help ensure your connection to 911 services is the installation of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). A UPS is a small device that plugs into your electrical outlet and then allows you to plug in your highspeed Internet modem and your Dolphin Adapter to ensure you have electrical power in the advent of an outage. These devices are designed to power the attached equipment for ranges from a few minutes to days depending on the size of the UPS.

More questions about the Dolphin Tel 911?

If you have any questions regarding the Dolphin Tell 911 services that we have not answered here, then call us and our sales and support staff would be glad to help you.