What’s Going On?

We wanted to give you a quick heads-up: It's currently taking a bit longer than usual to get new Cable Internet services activated as well as schedule technician visits.

Why the Delay?

Here’s the scoop: We use the local cable provider’s infrastructure to bring our high-speed Internet to your home or business. This is what we call the “last mile” connection. Right now, the cable provider is facing some staffing shortages, and other issues, which is causing delays on their end.

So, this last step - activating the cable lines to your place - needs to be done by the cable company, and they're running behind schedule. For any new installations, activations, moves, or potential repairs, we’ll give you the date the cable provider gives us. But heads up, these dates might shift a bit because of their scheduling issues.

What to Expect?

When you sign up for a new service, we’ll email you an activation date. Because of the current delays, this process is taking a few extra days. We appreciate your patience and will let you know as soon as we have a confirmed date.

As for technical issues, the cable company handles the scheduling for their technicians since they own and maintain the lines to your home. We don’t employ the technicians who visit your location; they’re all cable company employees and it has always been this way.

We Got Your Back!

The cable company is working hard to get back to their normal timelines. We’re just as eager to get you online with our awesome Internet Lightspeed services as quickly as possible. Our goal is to connect you and keep you connected!

No need to keep checking in with us - we’ll notify you right away once we have any updates, like a confirmed appointment date or completed activation.

How Long Will This Last?

To be honest, we don’t have the inside scoop on all the details at the cable company, but they’ve assured us they’re working on fixes. We’re expecting things to get back to normal soon and to keep getting better from there.

Want More Info?

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Thanks for sticking with us!

We’re on it and will keep you updated.